Breaking News: Elon Musk Takes Control of Twitter's Reading Limits

The Story Behind the Temporary Tweet Reading Caps
Breaking News: Elon Musk Takes Control of Twitter's Reading Limits

Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and Twitter owner, has recently introduced temporary limits on tweet reading. In response to concerns surrounding data scraping and system manipulation, Elon Musk has implemented these restrictions to mitigate the impact on users. Under these temporary limits, verified accounts are allowed to read up to 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts have a limit of 600 posts per day. Elon Musk's proactive approach to addressing these challenges showcases his commitment to ensuring a secure and user-friendly environment on Twitter. These measures, introduced by Elon Musk, are aimed at maintaining the platform's integrity and protecting user experience amidst evolving digital landscapes.

Elon Musk has announced temporary limits on the number of tweets users can read on Twitter. This announcement comes as users have been experiencing difficulty accessing the site. Musk, who purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October and made it a private company, stated that these limits are being implemented to address excessive data scraping and system manipulation.

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According to Musk's tweet, verified accounts are restricted to reading 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts are limited to 600 posts per day. New and unverified accounts will have an even lower limit of 300 posts. However, Musk later tweeted that the limits would be increased to 8,000 for verified accounts, 800 for unverified accounts, and 400 for new unverified users. Subsequently, Musk increased the limits again to 10,000 for verified accounts, 1,000 for unverified accounts, and 500 for new unverified users.

The criteria used to determine what constitutes a read tweet remains unclear. Additionally, the duration of the temporary limits, which were still in effect as of Saturday evening, is unknown. Twitter has not provided clarification on these matters.

The newly imposed limits by Musk resulted in Twitter users encountering difficulties accessing the platform, leading to the hashtag #TwitterDown trending. Error messages such as "rate limit exceeded" and "Cannot retrieve tweets" appeared while users were scrolling through the site. It is uncertain whether these issues were due to the temporary limits or other app glitches.

These viewing restrictions were introduced shortly after Musk implemented a "temporary emergency" measure to prevent non-logged-in users from viewing tweets, also as a means to combat data scraping. Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives expressed concerns about this strategy, stating that it changes the rules without warning and reflects poorly on the Twitter platform.

Since Musk took over Twitter, the company's advertising business has faced challenges. Musk implemented changes to content moderation, introduced a Twitter Blue subscription service, and made significant staff reductions. In May, he appointed Linda Yaccarino as CEO, with a focus on Twitter's business, while Musk concentrates on product design and new technology.

Some Twitter users shared their opinions on the new limits. Author and historian Kevin Kruse compared the situation to closing time at a bar, while New York University professor Jay Rosen speculated that the limits were a response to underperformance of the Twitter Blue subscription service.

The reason provided by Musk for implementing the limits was met with skepticism by Slava Melandovich, CEO of He suggested that investing in robust security measures to differentiate human behavior from bot activities would be more effective, and called for more transparency regarding the thresholds triggering these limitations.

Following the announcement of the limits, the hashtag #RIPTwitter began trending.

Breaking News: Elon Musk Takes Control of Twitter's Reading Limits

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