Silencing the Unknown: WhatsApp's Latest Update Quiets Calls from Unfamiliar Numbers

WhatsApp's New Feature Puts Unknown Callers on Silent Mode Automatically
Silencing the Unknown: WhatsApp's Latest Update Quiets Calls from Unfamiliar Numbers

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that offers a wide range of features and settings to enhance the user experience. With its user-friendly interface, WhatsApp provides a seamless platform for communication and connection. From personal chats to group conversations, WhatsApp allows users to exchange messages, make voice and video calls, and share multimedia content effortlessly. Additionally, WhatsApp settings provide users with customization options to personalize their experience. Whether it's adjusting notification preferences, managing privacy settings, controlling data usage, or exploring advanced features, WhatsApp settings empower users to tailor the app according to their preferences. With WhatsApp settings, users have the flexibility to modify their profile information, choose who can contact them, set up security measures, configure backup options, and much more. WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp settings, WhatsApp settings – this phrase highlights the significance and versatility of WhatsApp's customizable features and settings.

WhatsApp has recently launched a feature that enables automatic silencing of calls from unfamiliar numbers. This development follows a surge in spam calls reported by numerous users in India, where the messaging application boasts over 500 million users.

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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of WhatsApp's parent company Facebook, announced the introduction of this call silencing feature alongside a new privacy checkup option. In his statement, he stated, "You now have the ability to automatically mute incoming calls from unknown contacts on WhatsApp, offering you enhanced privacy and control."

To activate this feature, users can navigate to Settings > Privacy > Calls and select the "Silence unknown caller" option. Although calls from unfamiliar numbers will be automatically silenced, they will still appear in notifications and the call list within the WhatsApp application. This allows users to check later if the call was from someone they know but don't have their number saved in their contacts.

When receiving a call from an unknown number, the phone will only display the number, accompanied by the message "silenced unknown number."

In addition, WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy checkup feature accessible within the Privacy section. This checkup guides users through various steps to familiarize them with different privacy controls, such as "Choose who can contact you," "Control your personal info," "Add more privacy to your chats," and "Add more protection to your account." Through this process, users can modify settings like enabling two-factor authentication, determining who can add them to groups, setting a default timer for disappearing messages, and controlling the visibility of their profile picture.

Silencing the Unknown: WhatsApp's Latest Update Quiets Calls from Unfamiliar Numbers

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