Cristiano Ronaldo Asserts: "Records Chase Me" Ahead of 200th Cap

Ronaldo's Unparalleled Legacy: "Records Are Merely Consequences" as 200th Cap Approaches
Cristiano Ronaldo Asserts: "Records Chase Me" Ahead of 200th Cap

Cristiano Ronaldo, often hailed as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has left an indelible mark on the sport. With his unmatched skill, athleticism, and relentless drive, Cristiano Ronaldo has become synonymous with excellence. Over the course of his illustrious career, Cristiano Ronaldo has showcased his unparalleled talent and prowess on the pitch time and time again. Whether it's his stunning goals, mesmerizing dribbling, or exceptional leadership, Cristiano Ronaldo has consistently proven why he is held in such high regard. Off the field, Cristiano Ronaldo's charismatic personality and philanthropic endeavors have further solidified his status as a global icon. Truly, Cristiano Ronaldo's name reverberates through the annals of football history, reminding us all of his extraordinary contributions to the beautiful game.

Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo says 'records follow me' before cap 200

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Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal is determined to maintain his momentum as he aims to become the first male footballer to reach 200 international appearances.

The seasoned captain of Portugal's national team will achieve this milestone if he participates in Tuesday's Euro 2024 qualifier against Iceland.

"For me, this is an incredibly significant milestone," Ronaldo stated prior to the match. "It holds great importance to me. Being the first person in history to achieve 200 games is a source of immense pride. I never thought I would reach this point, but I must continue. I still have a lot more to accomplish.

"Tomorrow will mark a round and remarkable number that no one else has achieved. I genuinely mean it when I say that I don't chase records; they come to me. I am content, and it serves as my motivation to keep performing at the highest level for the national team. Achieving this feat is something I never envisioned, and yet I continue to set new records."

Ronaldo, who is currently 38 years old, boasts an illustrious and extensive international career. He holds the remarkable title of being the highest goal scorer in men's international football, having netted 122 goals. Additionally, he achieved the distinction of being the first man to both appear and score in five European Championships.

During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Ronaldo made history by becoming the first male football player to score in five different World Cups.

Playfully, Ronaldo questioned, "What else is there to surpass?" before bursting into laughter. "I honestly don't know. I'm aware of the records I hold. What I desire the most is to win and continue my journey towards the European Championship."

Since his debut in 2003, Ronaldo has earned two major honors with Portugal. He guided his country to victory in the Euro 2016 tournament and then triumphed in the inaugural UEFA Nations League three years later.

Ronaldo expressed his happiness and determination to continue making significant contributions to the history of Portuguese football. He emphasized his desire for Portugal to win more titles, and the milestone of 200 games played is a testament to the deep love he holds for his country. Being considered an asset fills him with pride and motivates him further. His primary objective is to support and assist Portugal in any way he can.

Regarding his recent move to Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, where he scored 14 goals in 16 league appearances, Ronaldo believes he still has much to offer his national team. He expressed his commitment to remain available for selection as long as he, the president of the football federation, and the coach believe he can contribute effectively. Representing the national team is the pinnacle of his career, and he wants to continue playing, bringing happiness to his family, friends, and the Portuguese people.

"Do I aspire to achieve more? Absolutely, that's the reason I'm here. It's what keeps me going. I take each day as it comes, assessing my form and performance. I believe I'm still performing well, contributing, scoring goals, and delivering strong displays. As long as I maintain my motivation and those around me appreciate my presence and leadership, I will never abandon the national team under any circumstances.

"As Bruno Alves, the former Portuguese defender, once stated, 'I won't give up my spot easily.' It has been a long journey, but I don't foresee it reaching its conclusion anytime soon. I hope to continue making an impact."

Cristiano Ronaldo Asserts: "Records Chase Me" Ahead of 200th Cap

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