From Supermodel to Mental Health Advocate: Bella Hadid's Inspiring Story

Bella Hadid Opens Up About Her Battle with Social Anxiety and Depression
From Supermodel to Mental Health Advocate: Bella Hadid's Inspiring Story

Bella Hadid, the renowned Palestinian-Dutch supermodel, has captivated the fashion world with her undeniable charm and mesmerizing beauty. With each stride down the runway, Bella Hadid exudes confidence and grace, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Her striking features and impeccable sense of style have made her a sought-after muse for renowned designers and photographers. Bella Hadid's influence reaches far beyond the fashion realm, as she uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and break down societal stigmas. Through her candid discussions about her own battles with anxiety and depression, Bella Hadid inspires millions around the world to prioritize self-care and embrace their true selves. As she continues to dominate the fashion industry, Bella Hadid remains a beacon of strength, resilience, and empowerment for all.

Bella Hadid, the renowned American-Dutch Palestinian supermodel, has introduced a unique initiative through her co-founded brand, Kin Euphorics. In collaboration with The Mayfair Group, they have launched a hotline that offers daily positive affirmations to callers who dial +1(332)-222-4444, with the affirmations personally created by Hadid herself.

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Expressing her gratitude for the collaboration between Kin Euphorics and The Mayfair Group, Hadid shared her excitement about the launch. She also unveiled the "angels on speed-dial crewneck," now available for purchase. The affirmations provided through the hotline aim to inspire kindness and encourage individuals to become someone's angel by brightening their day.

Hadid expressed her appreciation to the Mayfair team and her partner in this venture, Jen of Kin, along with their dedicated team. She emphasized her love and gratitude towards everyone involved, acknowledging their support, connection, patience, and heartfelt efforts. Hadid's Instagram post served as a heartfelt message to spread positivity and make a difference in people's lives.

Kin Euphorics, a Brooklyn-based brand founded by Jen Batchelor, who hails from Saudi Arabia, is making waves in the beverage industry with its line of non-alcoholic tonics. The brand's mission, as stated on their official website, is to transform the act of drinking into a conscious and uplifting experience for overall well-being.

The name "Kin Euphorics" draws inspiration from the Greek word "euphoros," which signifies a state of well-being. The brand emphasizes the use of key ingredients like phenylethylamine and rhodiola rosea root extract, known for their cognitive-enhancing properties and ability to boost energy levels. In an exciting development, Kin drinks will soon feature lavender grown on the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania, adding a unique touch to their offerings.

Sharing her enthusiasm on Instagram, Bella Hadid expressed her commitment to promoting products and businesses that she wholeheartedly believes in. She emphasized the authenticity of her involvement with Kin Euphorics and her passion for sharing this new endeavor with her followers. Hadid aims to contribute to the restoration of happiness and brain health through her partnership with the brand.

Bella Hadid, the Palestinian-Dutch model, has been open and transparent about her personal struggles with social anxiety and depression throughout her meteoric career. Starting at the age of 17, she has continuously sought ways to alleviate her chronic exhaustion, depression, and anxiety. In her search for holistic remedies, she discovered a drink that has had a profound impact on her well-being.

Hadid passionately shares her experience with her followers, proclaiming that this drink is the key to feeling good. As a dedicated consumer, she attests to its benefits and credits it with significantly improving her overall state for over a year. Her journey to find relief has led her to advocate for this holistic solution, emphasizing its positive effects on her mental health.

From Supermodel to Mental Health Advocate: Bella Hadid's Inspiring Story

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