Who's the Mystery Author Behind the Bestselling Book That's Not About Taylor Swift?

The Coincidental Misdirection: How Taylor Swift's Fans Were Fooled by Easter Eggs in a Mystery Book Announcement
Who's the Mystery Author Behind the Bestselling Book That's Not About Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift's rumored memoir, set to release in July, is not actually happening. Rather, a mystery book from an unknown celebrity is being marketed as a potential blockbuster. Despite the lack of a known title or author, the book is available for pre-order at $45 and has become a momentary bestseller on multiple book sales sites due to widespread speculation. While the anonymous book, currently titled "4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023," has been hovering in the top 10 of the Amazon book sales chart, reaching as high as No. 2, it has been confirmed that the book is not authored by Taylor Swift. Therefore, anyone who mistakenly pre-ordered the book on Amazon thinking it was written by the pop superstar can cancel their order.

It's understandable why many Taylor Swift fans may have mistakenly believed the mystery book was authored by the singer, given some vague descriptions reportedly provided to booksellers by the publisher and some "clues" that appeared to point to Swift. These coincidental connections are reminiscent of the infamous "Paul is dead" rumors from 1970.

What are others reading:

A document that was widely circulated on social media, supposedly from Flatiron, stated that the title and author of the book would be revealed on June 13th, a significant date for Swifties as 13 is the singer's lucky number. Furthermore, the book's page count is 544, and the sum of its digits (5+4+4) equals 13. These Easter eggs seemed to point directly to Swift.

The book's actual release date is July 9th, which also has significance for Swift fans as it is mentioned in the song "Last Kiss" from her album "Speak Now". Swift recently announced the release of her re-recorded album "Speak Now (Taylor's Version)" set to be released on July 7th and acknowledged the significance of the date July 9th in her social media statement.

The speculation that Taylor Swift is the author of the mystery book only intensified when she used the phrase "dear reader" in the announcement of her album "Speak Now". However, this phrase was actually a reference to a bonus track from her recent album and not an indication of her upcoming literary debut.

All of these supposed clues are just coincidences since Swift is not preparing to release a memoir at the same time as her next album and during a national stadium tour. Even for someone as skilled in project-multitasking as Taylor Swift, such an excessive exercise in synergy would be unlikely.

So, who is the real author of the mystery book? An unverified pitch screenshot circulating on Edelweiss suggests that one million copies will be printed, and sellers will need to sign an affidavit before receiving advance copies. The book is said to be a fun and celebratory title with a slightly younger skew but appealing to people of all ages, with global reach and massive publicity. The pitch compares it to Flatiron's Matthew Perry memoir and Prince Harry's "Spare".

Assuming the accuracy of this information, it is difficult to think of many celebrities who would warrant a print run of one million copies. Britney Spears' purported "tell-all" is hardly the "fun, celebratory" book described by the sales rep, and it is already set to be published by a competing publisher. Therefore, she is not a contender. Speculation in the literary community has focused on BTS, with one book-related rumor account claiming that they have privately confirmed the speculation. However, publicly, there is no certainty, as some in the BTS community have said that there has been no prior buzz about such a project.

Who's the Mystery Author Behind the Bestselling Book That's Not About Taylor Swift?

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