Is the Kim Kardashian's reality TV show losing its edge? Fans disappointed with latest season trailer.

The Lord is back: Fans ecstatic over Scott Disick's return to Kardashian's reality TV show
Is the Kim Kardashian's reality TV show losing its edge? Fans disappointed with latest season trailer.

Kim Kardashian expressed her gratitude towards her fans in a recent post, in which she celebrated a major career milestone achieved by her family. The reality TV show featuring the Kardashians was awarded an MTV Award for Best Docu-Reality Show, as confirmed by Variety. Kim, aged 42, retweeted Variety's post on Sunday evening and thanked her fans for their support, writing, "We’re so grateful. Thank you so much for everyone who voted!!!" She also added a white heart emoji. Her tweet garnered responses from her 75.1 million Twitter followers, who expressed their excitement and affection towards the Kardashians.

Several fans congratulated Kim Kardashian on her family's achievement, with one referring to her as "Queen." Another fan admitted to voting multiple times for the show and expressed their happiness for the family. A supporter of the show commented that it was the best, while another praised Kim and Khloe for their contribution to the success. Kim's tweet followed the surprising nomination of the show for the award, which left many fans and critics perplexed, as they did not consider the second season to be outstanding. A Twitter user speculated that the show's success was due to the showrunner's involvement in both the Kardashians and MTV sister shows. Some joked that Kris Jenner, the family's momager, had made a few calls. One Twitter user predicted that they would win, while another criticized the show's perceived lack of excitement.

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One Twitter user expressed anger and disbelief, suggesting that the award was fixed and that everyone disliked the show. Another person jokingly suggested that the Kardashians had hired staff to vote for their show 24/7. Despite the criticism, some fans rushed to show their support and encouraged others to vote for the reality TV series. One fan confirmed that they had voted numerous times, while another tweeted their excitement and started voting. The comments were made following the release of the season three trailer of the show by Hulu in March, which caused fans to go wild after spotting an ousted family member.

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian's ex-boyfriend, made an appearance in the trailer for the upcoming season of the show, along with various shots of family members and friends. Scott, who had been absent since the end of the first season, promised viewers an exciting season, claiming he had never seen so much drama in his life. Fans on social media welcomed his return, with one person celebrating, "Scott is back! Last season was so dry without him." Another fan referred to him as "The Lord" and a third suggested that he deserved his own show.

One fan expressed their gratitude for Scott's return, stating, "Thank god Scott is back!" However, some critical fans questioned the motives behind his resurgence. One person suggested that the show needed Scott to save it, while another criticized the past two seasons for lacking drama. A different fan was disappointed with the trailer, stating that the season 1 trailer was still better and calling for the Kardashian sisters to step out of what they deemed a flop era.

Is the Kim Kardashian's reality TV show losing its edge? Fans disappointed with latest season trailer.

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