Angelina Jolie's shocking revelation: Best sex ever with Denzel Washington

Jolie and Washington's Unconventional Romance in The Bone Collector
Angelina Jolie's shocking revelation: Best sex ever with Denzel Washington

Angelina Jolie has revealed that the most satisfying sexual experience she has ever had was with her former co-star, Denzel Washington. The two shared the screen in the 1999 thriller, The Bone Collector, in which Jolie portrayed Amelia Donaghy, a police officer who develops a romantic relationship with Lincoln Rhyme, a forensics expert portrayed by Washington. The plot centers around their efforts to catch a serial killer who abducts and brutally murders his victims.

What makes the film unique is that Washington's character is quadriplegic, which means he has paralysis of all four limbs. As Amelia investigates the crime scenes, she relays the information she gathers back to Lincoln, who directs her from his bed throughout the investigation. Jolie described the experience of seducing someone with her mind as truly exceptional.

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Jolie and Washington had to explore unconventional ways of building the romantic relationship between their characters due to Lincoln's paralysis. Rather than relying on physicality as they would in other films, they emphasized intimacy instead.

In an interview with Dark Horizons shortly after the film's release, Jolie expressed that "seducing someone with your mind" was an incredibly stimulating experience and a significant turn-on for her. She found the evolution of the relationship between their characters and the journeys they undertook to be fascinating.

Jolie also described a particular scene in the movie where her character uses scent and intellect to seduce Lincoln, which she claimed was the most satisfying sexual encounter she had ever experienced. "It was great seducing someone with your mind, a huge turn-on," she added.

However, Jolie also disclosed that filming the movie was a solitary experience for her, leading her to question herself.

Jolie revealed that filming The Bone Collector left her feeling incredibly isolated, causing her to feel like she was losing her grip on reality. She doubted her ability to lead a film, handle physically challenging scenes, and play a believable cop who saves lives.

According to Jolie, her character Amelia's internal struggles made filming the movie even more mentally taxing. Although the film was a commercial success, it received mixed reviews from critics, with Jolie and Washington's performances being the only aspect praised.

The Bone Collector's Rotten Tomatoes approval rating is a meager 29 percent, with an average score of 4.2 out of 10.

Angelina Jolie's shocking revelation: Best sex ever with Denzel Washington

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