Malibu's Elite Domain: Jeff Bezos and the Ultra-Rich Claim Their Oasis

Inside Jeff Bezos' Malibu Empire: A Glimpse into the World of Unparalleled Wealth
Malibu's Elite Domain: Jeff Bezos and the Ultra-Rich Claim Their Oasis

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez Opt for Luxurious Malibu Rental Owned by Kenny G

In a surprising move, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez have chosen to rent a stunning Malibu property owned by renowned soft-jazz saxophonist Kenny G. The oceanfront home, leased unfurnished for a monthly sum of $600,000, has been their residence since March, as reported by TMZ. The couple has replaced Kenny G's belongings with their own furnishings, making the space their own. The decision to rent comes as their Beverly Hills megamansion undergoes construction, which was temporarily halted pending approval for expansion. Kenny G originally purchased the Cape Cod-style compound in 1998 for $12.5 million, showcasing his impeccable taste in real estate.

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Kenny G Expands His Malibu Compound with a Lavish Retreat

In 2000, renowned saxophonist Kenny G further enhanced his Malibu property by acquiring an adjacent 1.06-acre lot. The talented musician invested approximately $3 million to construct a luxurious 3,500-square-foot retreat, which was completed in 2006. The retreat boasts two bedrooms, four bathrooms, a 16-seat dining table, a pool table, a terrace, and a bar designed by Rande Gerber, the businessman married to Cindy Crawford. Additionally, the estate features a tennis court and a remarkable 1,500-square-foot recording studio.

With the inclusion of the newly built retreat, Kenny G's compound now spans 2.5 acres and offers access to the exclusive Little Dume Beach. The idyllic location and lavish amenities make this property a highly desirable retreat.

While Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez are currently renting a different property from Kenny G, sources indicate that Bezos is quietly exploring the neighborhood for a permanent residence. There are even rumors that he might consider making an offer to purchase Kenny G's own home, given the scarcity of such grand estates in this celebrity-filled town.

The total cost of the Malibu rental for Bezos and Sanchez is estimated to reach a staggering $7 million per year, as they await the completion of their opulent Beverly Hills mansion. Although this rental carries a hefty price tag, it falls short of being the most expensive in the area. In 2015, a magnificent 22,000-square-foot Malibu estate with a 168-foot-long infinity pool was listed for an astonishing $750,000 per month.

Kenny G initially purchased his first home in Malibu as a surprise for his former wife, Lyndie Benson. Following their divorce in 2012, they continue to co-parent their two children.


Malibu: An Exclusive Enclave for the Ultra-Rich

Over the years, the picturesque beach town of Los Angeles has transformed into a haven exclusively reserved for the ultra-rich. Previously attracting millionaires, it has now become a playground solely for the wealthiest individuals.

Tech mogul Larry Ellison paved the way for this trend almost three decades ago by making significant investments in the area, driving up property values to unprecedented heights.

In recent times, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and his wife, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, have made their mark on Malibu by acquiring three separate estates, spending a staggering total of $255.5 million. Their purchases further solidify the town's reputation as a coveted destination for the elite.

Joining the ranks of Malibu's high-profile homeowners, music power couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z made headlines with their jaw-dropping purchase of a luxurious oasis. The couple spared no expense, shelling out an astounding $200 million in cash, setting a new record for the most expensive residential property ever bought in California.

As the demand for exclusive properties in Malibu continues to rise, the town's allure as a playground for the ultra-rich shows no signs of diminishing.

Malibu's Elite Domain: Jeff Bezos and the Ultra-Rich Claim Their Oasis

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